10 Outrageous Things Heard on Oscars 2016 Red Carpet

From Bryan Cranston's "eat me" cookie to Jacon Tremblay's overwhemling adorability, the funniest WTF things said during the pre-show

Jacob Tremblay, the young actor who played opposite of Brie Larson in 'Room,' on the red carpet of the Oscars 2016. Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty

"I can see lots of legs."-Jacob Tremblay on his "perspective" of the red carpet.

"I brought you a gift … my face on a cookie. You can eat me."-Bryan Cranston handing Ryan Seacrest a customized cookie; the latter promptly drops it on the red carpet.

"I'm not allowed in banks any more. When I go into a bank, they escort me out."-The Big Short's Adam McKay

"I was like, 'How dare you? I'm going to call my attorneys. Pixar, you're done!'"-Mindy Kaling, describing her reaction upon being told she was up for the role of "Disgust" in Inside Out

"Whether I'm going to die or not." -Sophie Turner, on the first thing she looks for in new Game of Thrones scripts.

"I'll be at the Olive Garden later."-Ryan Seacrest after serving Sam Smith a silver tea tray on the red carpet.

"I'm presenting Best Live Action Short … because I'm short."-Jacob Tremblay

"Is that your dad?"
"No, it's Nick Hornby."-Saoirse Ronan

"These snipers are actually from Warner Brothers." -Henry Cavill, when asked about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice story details.

"There's a closet just for our swords."-Olivia Munn, describing her home.

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