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Who’d have thought that a documentary about designer Isaac Mizrahi’s 1994 collection would become the best party of the movie year? But that it is. Unzipped, directed by fashion photographer Douglas Keeve and dazzlingly shot in color and in black and white by Ellen Kuras, offers behind-the-scenes peeks at skin, fits, egos and such super-models as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford (much better here than in Fair Game).

But the star of this blissful bash is Mizrahi himself. The yeshiva boy from Brooklyn, N.Y., is a laugh riot talking about design inspirations from sources as diverse as ballet, books, Mom, Mary Tyler Moore, Eskimos and bad old movies. He’s also keenly informative about the joy and pain of the creative process. Keeve figured that just riding Mizrahi’s coattails would make Unzipped an exuberant high. He figured right.

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