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paranoia harrison ford

I smiled twice during Paranoia. Both times when Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman had scenes together and hammed it up like pros in hog heaven. They play tech-firm tycoons out to take each other down. The rest of this alleged thriller is minus suspense, soul, and any valid reason for being. Liam Hemsworth, Thor's brother, plays Adam – the young stud in a suit who gets between these two swinging dicks. He's way out of his league. And his romance with a marketing babe (gorgeous Amber Heard) gives pro forma a bad name. Director Robert Luketic, whose movies range from decent (Legally Blonde, 21) to disastrous (Killers, The Ugly Truth) has no game here. How could he, with a script by Barry L. Levy and Jason Hall, based on the novel by Joseph Finder, that packs all the oomph of a straight-to-video write-off. It galls me that Hollywood thinks we're shallow enough to swallow this swill. Or am I just being paranoid?


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