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Dark Blue

Director Ron Shelton, best known for sports flicks (Bull Durham, Tin Cup), brings a powerhouse punch to this police drama, adapted by David Ayer (Training Day) from a short story by James Ellroy, of L.A. Confidential fame.

Kurt Russell digs into the juiciest role of his career as Eldon Perry, a conflicted sergeant from a long line of racist cops. Now, while he trains a rookie (Scott Speedman)in how to bend the rules, Eldon is investigated by the deputy chief (Ving Rhames) and set up by his own boss (a devilishly fine Brendan Gleeson).

helton, who stages the electrifying climax against the 1992 L.A. riots ignited by the verdict in the Rodney King case, starts more fires of character and incident than he can handle. No matter. Dark Blue is a film of wounding power. It stays with you.


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