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‘World War Z’ Is a Pleasant, Suspenseful Surprise

Peter Travers: Brad Pitt’s zombie flick keeps book’s political weight

We’ve got Peter Travers reporting live from under a bridge to bring you his review of Brad Pitt’s new zombie epic, World War Z, before the living dead find him. Admitting his own lukewarm feelings about the Walking Dead-inspired zombie craze, Travers was certain the movie was destined for the scum bucket after hearing rumors of a tumultuous production and generally bad hype. “And you know what? It’s not; it’s really good!” he exclaims.

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World War Z stars Pitt as a father and United Nations peacemaker who’s set to retire when the zombies invade and he’s forced to help fight for humanity’s survival. Without giving too much away, Travers promises the movie is packed with suspense and urges moviegoers to pay special attention to two excellent scenes: one in which a bunch of zombies wreak havoc on a jet’s first-class passengers, and the movie’s final moments that take place in a deserted lab in Wales.

Based on a book written by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks), the movie retains a good amount of its political weight, says Travers. He notes, in particular, that a wall is erected around Jerusalem so the zombies can’t get in. “What does that mean? What is it saying?” asks Travers. “There’s a lot to think about in this movie. It is not as good as the book but nonetheless, it’s exciting.”

World War Z might’ve been a bit too good, though. “I have this fear,” Travers adds before our feed mysteriously cuts out. “I live in this fear that the zombies are gonna get me, I don’t know why it is–” Uh oh, this can’t end well.

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