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Who Killed the Movie Box Office?

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Crushing boredom. There’s no better way to describe the dragass attitude of the American public toward the movies Hollywood has been shoveling into the multiplex recently. This weekend’s box office take dropped an alarming 24 percent from the same weekend last year. Hey, look, any weekend where Shrek Forever After hits the Number One spot for the third time running is its own worst enemy. The other contenders either fizzled (Get Him To the Greek), flopped (Killers) or flatlined (Marmaduke).

Peter Travers picks this season’s hits and misses, from Inception to The Karate Kid in his summer movie preview.

What’s happening out there? No one even pretends that Iron Man 2 (the biggest hit so far) is nearly as good as the original. Sex and the City 2, Prince of Persia and Robin Hood are barely treading water.

Name one movie you’ve seen since Iron Man 2 kicked off the summer season that you really, really liked? Is there any movie out there that you think didn’t get a fair shake? Now’s your chance to sing its praises.

The Tao of Robert Downey Jr.: Walter Kirn discovers the greatest actor of his generation is a hardass, a flake and a superstar.

Is there a movie you’re looking forward to that will brighten the mood? Please don’t say The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Though Number Three in the vampathon will make heaps of bucks when it opens on June 30th, it will turn us all into voters for the MTV Movie Awards, which showed last night with the sweeping victory of The Twilight Saga: New Moon that quality is the only thing with a stake in its heart. Take away the sprinkling of f-bombs and the “cool” factor that MTV once prided itself on and what we saw was the pandering of the People’s Choice Awards with a younger demographic.

Aguilera and Perry invade the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, while Twilight wins big.

Can a movie be good and also make big money? By this time last year, Star Trek, The Hangover and Pixar’s Up had already opened and done just that. So, yes, it’s possible. Why isn’t it happening now? I want answers.


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