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What We Learned From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four Trailer

Glenn and Maggie consider leaving the prison, Carl’s hair is looking pretty shaggy and is that a love connection between Beth and Daryl?

In anticipation of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season premiere, AMC dropped a four-minute trailer at Comic-Con 2013. This season, which debuts on October 13th, promises terrifying zombie attacks, at least a dozen human deaths and the mysterious promise of a new life somewhere else. This footage doesn’t answer all of the questions raised by the season three finale, but it’s a start, and here’s what we already know.

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Former showrunner Glen Mazzara is out and Scott M. Gimple (FlashFoward) is in. We also figured that Rick Grimes and his motley crew would need to figure out a way to handle the Woodburian refugees who arrived at their prison home, and of course, were hoping to find out where The Governor and his two henchmen landed.

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As the teaser opens, zombies are surging on the prison, and their behavioral patterns are changing (Carol notes that they don’t spread out anymore). Are they evolving, and does this mean they’re capable of learning? If the un-dead are developing survival techniques, that can’t be good for the remaining human stragglers. Luckily, Sheriff Rick is back from last season’s hallucinatory walkabouts. It looks like he’s delegated leadership roles to Sasha (on tactical strategy), Daryl (on defense) and Hershel (on decision-making). Elsewhere, totally-tough Carol is teaching Woodbury’s children about knives, Glenn and Maggie consider leaving the prison, Carl’s hair is looking pretty shaggy, Michonne’s on horseback and is that a glimpse of a love connection between Beth and Daryl?

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The survivors must choose between defending their home and making a run for it into the great unknown. Woodbury is no longer habitable and Rick’s gang has already covered most of Georgia. There’s nowhere else to go – or is there? As we fade to black, a voice on the radio announces a place called Sanctuary where “those who arrive. . . survive.”


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