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Watch Surprise ‘Deadpool 2’ Cut Scene That Debuted at ‘Logan’ Screenings

Ryan Reynold’s superhero has wardrobe difficulties in fourth wall-shattering first glimpse at sequel

Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the first teaser for Deadpool 2 after the four-minute “cut scene” secretly debuted in front of Logan, the Wolverine sequel that opened Friday.

In the fourth wall-shattering scene – which takes place outside of a sketchy movie theatre playing, of course, Logan – Reynolds’ Wade Wilson witnesses a gun-toting crook assaulting an old man carrying groceries.

Wilson quickly runs into a phone booth to change into his Deadpool costume as the Superman theme soars in the background; unfortunately, it’s more difficult to strip naked and change clothes in a phone booth than Clark Kent would have people believe.

By the time Deadpool finally is outfitted, a gunshot rings out. Emerging from the phone booth – after a quick cameo by an as-himself Stan Lee – the antihero sees that the old man has been shot and killed.

“I’m so sorry. I spent way too long in the phone booth,” Deadpool tells the corpse. “If I’m being honest with myself, I probably should’ve just called 911… The fuck is a phone booth doing on a street corner? Didn’t those just disappear in ’98?”

And with that, Deadpool lies down, uses the dead man’s lifeless body as a pillow and chows down on the Cherry Garcia from the spilled bag of groceries.

Deadpool 2 is “coming… not soon enough,” the teaser joked. (The release date, as of now, is March 2nd, 2018.) As hinted on the phone booth graffiti – “Nathan Summers Comming Soon!” – the sequel will feature the time-travelling X-Men mutant Cable, with Stranger Things‘ David K. Harbour among those rumored for the role.


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