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Watch Spellbinding Trailer for ‘Mute,’ Directed By David Bowie’s Son

Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux co-star in Duncan Jones’ new thriller

Duncan Jones‘ upcoming movie, Mute, is a thriller starring Alexander Skarsgård as a bartender who’s been unable to speak since a childhood accident. The film premieres on Netflix February 23rd.

Set in a not-so-distant future, the Mute trailer is packed with enthralling sci-fi flourishes as Skarsgård’s character Leo navigates Berlin and its grimy underworld, searching for a cocktail waitress named Naadirah, played by Seyneb Saleh. 

Naadirah disappeared during their budding romance, hinting at a dark secret in her past. Along the way, Leo’s journey dovetails with that of two curious U.S. army surgeons, Cactus Bill and Duck, played by a mustachioed Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, respectively.

Jones’ last film was 2016’s Warcraft: The Beginning. His previous movies include Source Code and Moon.


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