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Watch Oscars 2016 Host Chris Rock Quiz Compton Theatergoers

“Did the nominations make you want to go out and smack a white guy?” the host asked a Compton moviegoer

Chris Rock’s monologue wasn’t the only part of Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony that took aim at the #OscarsSoWhite controversy — he also starred in a number of different comedy sketches that mocked the lack of diversity among the nominees. The most memorable of those bits followed Rock to a multiplex straight outside of Compton (in Los Angeles’ Compton-adjacent neighborhood of Baldwin Hills, to be precise), where he interviewed a number of black moviegoers — and one very excited white guy — about their thoughts on this year’s awards.

“Did the nominations make you want to go out and smack a white guy?” the tuxedo-clad Oscars host asked one patron he caught coming out of the theater. “Do you think Trumbo should have been a bigger hit?” he asked another, prompting the inspired reply of “…What?” (In fairness, that’s the same answer that most people would give when asked about the little-seen Bryan Cranston vehicle). When one older gentleman told Rock that his favorite movie of all time is Superfly, it drove the point home better than any number of well-meaning speeches ever could: This country is a much more colorful place than the Academy Awards might lead the world to believe.

But the best of the bit was saved for last, as Rock asked a woman what her favorite white movie of 2015 was. The lady mulled it over for a second before coming up with a truly unexpected response: “By the Sea, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.” Rock didn’t miss a beat: “Wow, not even they would say that.”

Watch highlights from Chris Rock’s opening monologue from the 88th Academy Awards.


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