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Watch Adorable New Trailer for Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’

Ellen DeGeneres reprises her role as America’s favorite memory-impaired fish

The forgetful fish who swam away with Finding Nemo back in 2003 is getting a movie of her own this summer, and a new trailer for the upcoming Pixar sequel puts her front and center. A regal blue tang with a famously bad memory, Dory (once again voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) is defined by a carefree philosophy (“just keep swimming!”). But her outlook on life is changed forever when a migrating armada of stingrays reminds the bubbly heroine that she has a family. And so, guided by instinct, she and Marlin (Albert Brooks) set off on a journey to find her parents. 

Old friends, like the surfer-dude turtle voiced by Andrew Stanton, are back in action, but there are plenty of new fish in the sea: a friendly whale shark (Kaitlin Olson); a paranoid octopus (Ed O’Neill); a squishy urchin; and a starfish who’s having the worst day of its life (“hands!” comes the scream as a human child plunges a kit into an aquarium tank). 

Finding Dory opens in theaters on June 17th.


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