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Watch a Confused Scott Stapp Review ‘Creed’

“Finally! The epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!'” a perplexed Stapp says in new Funny or Die clip

You’ll have to excuse Scott Stapp. He’s just a little confused – though thankfully, this time it’s not about his family’s involvement with ISIS.

See, there’s this movie called Creed that’s hitting movie theaters nationwide on November 25. You’ve probably heard of it. In fact, if you’ve ever watched a Rocky movie – which, who are we kidding, of course you have – you’ll know that it’s about Apollo Creed’s son, who makes the trip to Philadelphia to follow in his father’s footsteps under Rocky Balboa’s tutelage.

But for Stapp, the lead singer of late-Nineties/early-Aughts rock titans Creed, he thought he was getting something else; something that hit a little closer to home.

“This week, I checked out a new film called Creed,” Stapp says in a new Funny or Die clip. “I said to myself ‘Finally! The epic tale of my band Creed is coming to the big screen!’ As Creed the movie unfolded, there wasn’t much that resembled what happened in Creed the band.”

Stapp’s disappointment didn’t stop there. From Michael B. Jordan not having much resemblance to him to there being a total lack of killer guitar solos and emotional singing from mountaintops, he was understandably upset about how it all unfolded. Also, did you know there’s a lot of boxing in the movie? Because apparently there’s a lot of boxing.

“This movie has a lot of boxing,” Stapp says. “One time I punched a guy from 311, but I never actually boxed.”

Ah, yes, the infamous 311 case. We all remember that.

Still, despite his confusion, Stapp still enjoyed Creed, bestowing it with a rating of “four arms wide open.” That means you should take an extended break from your family during Thanksgiving to watch Jordan kick some ass. You’ll thank Stapp later.

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