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Vince Gilligan Breaks Down ‘Breaking Bad’ on ‘Colbert’

Host shows he’s not ready to let go of award-winning series

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Now that Breaking Bad has cooked its last batch of meth, creator Vince Gilligan can talk about Sunday’s finale, which was a main topic of discussion when he appeared last night on The Colbert Report

Five Revelations from the Near-Perfect ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

Colbert and Gilligan took care to help viewers avoid spoilers during the interview, which touched on the most evil thing Walter White did during a five-season run, Walt’s grip  on Gilligan’s own psyche and whether Gilligan is, in Colbert’s phrase, “allergic to cash” for wrapping up the show. 

After the end of the two-part interview, Colbert showed his own dark side, offering a glimpse of what happens to showrunners who end series before he’s ready for them to be over.


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