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Twi-hards and the Guys Who Love Them: A Big Hit’s Secret Weapon

It’s official. Fangirls with a thing for vampires ruled the weekend. Twilight opened even better than expected, taking a staggering $70.6 million bite out of the box office. As I predicted last week, James Bond and his Quantum of Solace suffered a huge decline, nearly 60 percent (that’ll happen when you don’t deliver the goods). So Twilight is being celebrated as the biggest estrogen epic of the new century (Sex and the City only took in $57 million in its debut). New Moon, the first of three possible Twilight sequels if they film all of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling book franchise, has just been given the green light. Can’t have star Kristen Stewart, 18, as the high school human in love with vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), waiting two or three years between movies like Harry Potter. But you know what? I’m getting tired of Twilight being dissed as just a girl movie. OK, I know 75 percent of the get-there-first audience was female. But what about that 25 percent of testosterone that came out to watch Bella stay celibate and still be sexy. I want to hear from guys who went to Twilight with their Twi-hard girlfriends or had the guts to go on their own. Was the movie good? bad? unbearable? Would you tell other guys to see it? Tell us why. It’s about time we heard from the other side. And you Twi-hard girls, how about sharing what the guys told you about the movie. Did they like it more than they let on? Maybe that will bring us closer to the truth.


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