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‘True Blood’ Recap: Sookie’s Stand-Out Performance

Our leading lady comes back from the brink of death and sets her sights on both Bill and Eric – while Antonia does the same

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Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, and Bill Compton

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In “Let’s Get Out of Here,” emotions are running high, and more dream sequences help us dive deeper into everyone’s inner psyche. While a jarring reminder of the differences between reality and subconscious desires, the dreams have thus far served as a glimpse at the carefree camp that True Blood has slowly shifted away from. And, in the process, Sookie gives one hell of a performance as a seductress, feminist and supernatural heroine. “Let’s Get Out of Here” is one of the most entertaining episodes of the season, all the more so for giving us a vivid reminder of the social commentary True Blood has been making since day one via the treatment and tangled interaction of its various supernatural species. Except for that one scene where the Lafayette storyline accidentally turned into an episode of Ghost Whisperer. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Vampires and Werewolves:
Bill thwarts the witches’ attempt to silver him, and intercepts Alcide en route to Sookie‘s house, grabbing the unconscious Sookie from Alcide’s arms. His attempts to get Sookie to drink his blood fail, and he apologizes for allowing her come to the fight. “Then why did you?” questions Alcide. “Werewolf, I’m going to need you to shut the fuck up,” Bill says, acknowledging the only thing left to do is pray. For all of his overly charming and kingly ways, we’re thrilled that Bill has shed his pretenses in favor of a more vulnerable, yet in-control attitude. Sookie wakes up soon after (you didn’t really think her wound was life-threatening, did you?) and immediately wonders where Eric is. “Am I the only one here who thinks this is batshit crazy?” Alcide, both hurt and pissed off, wonders before declaring he’s “done” and storms off. Sookie thanks Bill for his blood, which is the latest awkward moment for the two – especially since she just exchanged blood with Eric mere hours earlier.

This connection must preoccupy Sookie’s subconscious, because she dreams Eric – dressed in all black like Normal Eric – comes to her door in broad daylight. They start making love on the floor until Bill bursts in, in a moment that recalls Jason’s subconscious-fueled dream with Jessica and Hoyt. The scene is channeling the late ’50s/ early’60s: Sookie is wearing a little red wrap dress and black pumps like a housewife gone awry, the music is of the era and the scene is pulling a page out of a period sitcom. Bill and Eric telepathically talk to one another, asking Sookie to explain what’s going on, since it’s her dream after all. After she admits to still loving Bill, he and Eric look to brawl until Sookie orders them into the living room for a talk.

“I could be dreaming about anything and instead I’m here with the two of you. It’s gotta mean something,” she says. “I think I’m in love with both of you.” Well, anyone watching this season could have told her that. “I won’t be ‘yours’ or ‘yours.’ I’m proposing that the two of you be mine.” We approve of this plan, but, naturally, Bill and Eric object and she calls them out: “First of all, you are vampires. What’s with all the morality? And second of all, this is such a double standard! I’m saying I love you, both of you. And I’m asking you to love me back, together.” Cue the only possible answer in a True Blood dream, a threesome between Sookie, Eric and Bill that ends as the two of them bite her neck at the same time and she wakes up with a start.

After Sookie wakes up, Debbie shows up on her doorstep, tripping on V to give her confidence to talk to Sookie while Sookie has to overcome fear that Debbie will attack her again. Though Sookie uses her telepathy to confirm Debbie’s desire to help her is fueled by Debbie’s love for Alcide, both ladies are rightfully suspicious of one another. Still, Sookie welcomes Debbie’s help and reassures Debbie that she’s the one who Alcide is in love with, not Sookie.

Witches and Vampires: After the attack, the witches reconvene at Moon Goddess Emporium, where Antonia has returned with a subservient Eric. “Tell them, blonde one,” she says, and Eric confirms his (spell-induced) allegiance to Antonia. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing Antonia has going for her, as the heat of battle has caused many of the witches – including Tara and Holly, but not pleased-as-punch Ray – to question what they signed up for.

Meanwhile, Jessica has a tear-filled heart-to-heart with Nan over her love woes. “This is the worst day of my life,” Jess says, embracing the melodramatic teen she is and forever will be. “I wish I was dead! Except that I am and it doesn’t even matter. Nan responds by saying the last few hours with Jess have forever erased all thoughts Nan ever had of putting her career on hold to become a maker.

Bill’s entrance cuts off the girl talk, and Nan says she’ll stay at his headquarters due to the upcoming Festival of Tolerance. The three of them get silvered, and no one is happy: Jess is crying by herself, while Bill and Nan bicker over whether or not the festival should be canceled after the previous night’s events. Bill rightfully suspects Antonia of using Eric, while Nan is adamant the vampires need the good publicity. The perilous balance their professional relationship (and Bill’s fate) hangs in is exposed, but in the end professionalism wins and the Festival remains on schedule.

Debbie shows up at Moon Goddess Emporium to pledge the weres’ allegiance to the witches, and Sookie breaks in and finds Eric while Debbie tries to win over a suspicious Antonia. Antonia sees Sookie, orders Tara to catch her and Tara verbally insults Sookie while telepathically helping her (and Debbie, but not Bewitched Eric) to escape and tell them where Bill is. An infuriated Antonia locks them in and casts a spell so the doors burn anyone who tries to leave.

Debbie (whose pretense of wanting to help Sookie is quickly fading) drops Sookie off at the hotel where the Festival is happening before a crowd of humans, but no vampires (Bill: “How can you have an event in honor of the living dead without any living dead? It’s like having a civil rights protest without any black people.” Nan: “They’re called African-Americans.”). As Bill delivers the keynote speech calling for peace amid the cry for war, Bewitched Eric gets into the building, kills Bill’s swat team and is about to beeline for Bill when Sookie enters. “Sookie?” Bill says, surprised. “Jesus Fucking Christ,” Nan remarks as the crowd heads for the entrance and Bewitched Eric flies toward Bill. Let’s get out of here, indeed – but we won’t find out who actually does until next week.

Shifters and Werewolves
Meanwhile, far away from this fray, Sam proposes Luna and Emma join him for a bout of camping which is very clearly not running away from the problem of her scary ex-husband but also basically is. She agrees, and Sam proceeds to charm the pants off Emma – figuratively, even changing into a bunny after Emma declares she wants to be a shifter, not a were, so she could turn into one herself – and Luna, literally, as the two finally have sex after Emma goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Marcus goes to Merlotte’s where he orders Tommy to tell Sam to meet him at his bike shop later. Tommy senses a chance to both inflict punishment on himself and employ his newfound skinwalker abilities, and shows up to the bike shop as Sam. It’s a good thing Alcide recently pledged his allegiance to Marcus and committed to moving up in the pack (because it’s important to Debbie) because his 6’6″, wider than a door frame (as per Marcus) was there to literally call off the dogs when Marcus had his pack (in human form) attack Tommy-as-Sam. To Tommy’s credit, he actually told the truth when he said that Sam hadn’t laid a hand on Luna but his brother had. As he lies on the floor bleeding, Tommy shifts back to Sam, Marcus realizes what happens and Alcide, once again ends an episode carrying an unconscious supernatural in his arms to safety.

Humans and Mediums:
Lafayette, channeling the spirit of the mysterious woman we learn is Mavis, walks into Hoyt‘s house and orders him out, saying this is actually her house. Hoyt calls Jason, who is over at the Bellefleurs’ dealing with a freaking-out Arlene, a military-minded Terry and a V-tripping Andy in the wake of Mikey‘s disappearance. After several false and dangerous attempts to get into Hoyt’s house, Jason recruits Jesus, who comes over and, tapping into the power his grandfather told him he had, casts a spell that gives Mavis what she wants (a chance to hold her baby one last time, accomplished by literally digging up their corpses in the front lawn) and separating Mavis from Lafayette (accomplished by Jesus channeling his Jennifer Love Hewitt and telling Mavis it’s time to go, just like an episode of Ghost Whisperer). As Mavis leaves, she thanks Lafayette for everything. “You got it, bitch” he responds, obviously back in his natural form. The quickly resolved mystery around Mavis felt a bit anticlimactic after several episodes of build up (and basically no violence to tie it all up), but we’re betting things won’t stay so carefree around Lafayette’s newfound powers and that, wiser to what he is capable of, he’ll get brought back into the witch drama before season’s end.

After the spirit is cast out, Jason hangs around to help Hoyt repair his door (broken in the fray) and Hoyt entrusts Jason – who still can’t confess his feelings for Jessica – to deliver a box marked “For You, Monster” to his ex. Jason can’t refuse, and finds Jess at home alone when he makes the delivery including a copy of Twilight, random magazines and a Taylor Swift CD. He offers an ear if she needs to talk but refuses to come in. Taylor Swift’s “Haunted” starts playing as Jason walks to his truck, and as Swift sings “You and I walk a fragile line,” Jess and Jason have for-real, not-in-our-dreams wild sex in the back of his truck. And somehow, among the craziness that they’ve both seen this season, this is the thing that makes perfect sense.

Favorite Couple: It’s finally Jessica and Jason‘s turn, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Let’s hope their emotional and physical compatibility continues once the effects of their blood bond wear off. A close second is the Sookie/Bill/Eric relationship of Sookie’s dreams for finally articulating what’s been fighting to happen all season.

Winning Species of the Week: For the first time this season, it’s the werewolves – particularly Alcide and Debbie, whose love for each other has motivated them to take on the role of supernatural peacekeepers. While they’ve had varying degrees of success in helping others, they’ve managed to make it out ahead.

Losing Species of the Week: Shifters. Though Sam and Luna have managed to escape trouble this week, Tommy landed in enough for all of them combined and we’re betting it’ll catch up with Sam and Luna in the very near future.

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Bill and Antonia Try to Negotiate Peace

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