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Travers Vs. Travers: Should Indies or Blockbusters Win at the 2010 Oscars?

With the Oscars set to air live this Sunday, Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers remains a man divided, with each Academy Award category making him choose between his love of indie cinema and Hollywood films. These two facets of Travers’ psyche literally duke it out in our inaugural Travers Vs. Travers, as Sundance Pete and Box Office Travers get into a yelling match about who will win in the Academy Awards’ biggest categories.

Will it be the indie gem The Hurt Locker bringing home Best Picture, or will it be Avatar, the movie that rescued Hollywood as it became the highest-grossest film ever? Sometimes the Travers agree — Mo’Nique winning Best Supporting Actress for Precious brings a rare moment of unity — but more often than not they’re at odds, throwing Sun Chips at one another and very nearly coming to blows. It’s Travers versus Travers in an Oscar fight spectacular, all in the video above.

Plus, download Peter’s Oscar ballot (complete with his picks) and enter to win the Best DVDs of 2009:

Download Peter Travers’ 2010 Oscar Ballot (Right click and choose “save as”)


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