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Travers Tosses October’s Scary-Awful Flicks Into the Scum Bucket

Rolling Stone’s movie critic takes on the worst films of the month, including Jason Reitman’s ‘Men, Women & Children’ — “a piece of unmitigated crap”

For this year’s Halloween installment of At the Movies, Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers says “good riddance” to Scum-tober, tossing the month’s 10 scary-awful flicks into the Scum Bucket. “There’s the trick,” he says, “and there’s no treat about it.”

The first film to receive a scummy death sentence is Ouija, the supernatural horror directed by Stiles White. Travers keeps his verbal review short and not-so-sweet: “Horrible,” he says of the movie, recoiling with the wrong kind of horror. “Dull in the extreme.” Walking the plank next is the John R. Leonetti-directed Annabelle, a horror outing about a demon-possessed doll. “Can you imagine?” Travers sarcastically asks. “BO-RING.” Our critic has no patience for snooze-worthy fantasy-thrillers, from Dracula Untold (“I cannot tell you how unendurable this movie is”) to Horns (“Don’t care”).

Following in scum-tastic form is Before I Go to Sleep, starring two Academy Award winners – Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth – in an eye-rolling drama about a woman with amnesia. “This wouldn’t even play as a Lifetime movie,” Travers jabs. There’s also the “hideous” You’re Not You, a histrionic slab of overacting which stars Hilary Swank as a woman afflicted with ALS – though it’s not as scummy as Addicted, a would-be erotic thriller starring Sharon Leal as a sex addict. 

Next up: The “pathetic” Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Best of Me and the flatlining familial/legal drama The Judge, which wastes high-caliber actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall. But no amount of cinematic drivel can prepare audiences for Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children, an overbearing, tech-centric drama that Travers predicts “will be remembered not for just this year but for years to come as a piece of unmitigated crap.”

“Don’t go see it,” he says. “I embrace my Scum Bucket, and I say, ‘Take these movies and let them all burn in hell.'”


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