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Trailers of the Week: ‘Cats,’ ‘The Call of the Wild,’ ‘Hunters,’ and More

From Harrison Ford’s adventures in the Yukon to Al Pacino’s mission to hunt down the Nazis — your week in movie trailers

cats movie trailer

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The trailer opens with an idyllic image of a little girl surrounded by ponies, flowers, and butterflies. From there, the scenes quickly become chilling, which is to be expected from the producers that brought us Get Out and Us. Pivoting from the pre-Civil War era to modern times, Janelle Monáe stars in the film and appears to be caught between two realities. As the images change from black women toiling in cotton fields to Monáe in the present-day, a 911 dispatcher asks a series of questions that go unanswered. While specific plot details remain a mystery, the text featured in the trailer gives an ominous warning: “If it chooses you, nothing can save you.”  April 24th.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
The Aldovian kingdom prepares for the Christmas season and for the royal baby – which gives Queen Amber and King Richard enough to worry about. In the trailer’s opening, Amber confides that she hopes their baby will have a normal life like she did, complete with public schools and subway rides. Normalcy quickly goes out the window when Aldovia hosts the leaders of a foreign kingdom to renew a peace treaty only to find that it has been stolen. To make matters worse, Amber learns that if the treaty isn’t found and signed before midnight on Christmas Eve, her baby will be cursed. The trailer shows Amber and Richard finding strength in each other while everything else around them seems uncertain. The movie premieres on Netflix on Dec. 5th.

The film’s most recent trailer fully captures the extent of its star power. Taylor Swift, James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellan, Rebel Wilson, and Royal Ballet dancer Francesca Hayward are all highlighted as they perform the musical’s choreography to the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber. As in the previous trailer, the clip showcases the results of cutting-edge technology: stars that have been transformed into cats, both feline and humanlike all at once. Dec. 20th.


“There comes a time when we all must choose between the light and the darkness,” says Al Pacino in the trailer’s opening. Pacino plays the leader of a Nazi-hunting vigilante group in the new Amazon Prime Video series. “But when there is great darkness in this world,” he continues, “perhaps a choice is made for us.” As Pacino delivers his monologue, the trailer shows snippets of the hunter’s lives, which range from an ordinary wedding to finding bodies in the trunk of a car. Once finishes his address to his fellow hunters, the opening chords of the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” begin. The hunters – a group of everyday people – are finally shown assembled together before the scene flashes to a series of violent clips of them carrying out their mission. The series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.


The Call of the Wild
Harrison Ford stars in the latest film adaptation of Jack London’s classic adventure novel. The trailer opens with scenes of the untamed Alaskan wilderness as Ford gives a throaty voiceover. “I came out here because I didn’t want to be around anyone. And then I met Buck.” The clip then shows Buck, the beloved dog brought to life on screen through CGI technology, who has journeyed from his comfortable domestic home to The Yukon, where he joins Ford on an adventure “where no one’s ever been before.” Buck is shown diving into the icy water to save someone, evading a dangerous avalanche and sharing tender moments with Ford. Through their travels, Buck finds his courage – and friendship. The film premieres on Feb. 21st.


The Confession Killer
Netflix’s latest crime docuseries dives into the perplexing story of Henry Lee Lucas. “Look at Henry,” says legal personnel in the opening of the trailer, “He’s pleasant. He’s unthreatening. He’s actually a killing machine.” That Lucas’ demeanor was at odds with his actions was not the case’s main discrepancy. Although he confessed to killing at least 360 people, there was no evidence connecting him to the victims besides his uncanny ability to draw victims’ portraits and recall disturbing, accurate details of the crimes. The trailer showcases archival footage of Lucas cooperating with law enforcement as well as present-day interviews with victims’ family members who remain skeptical of his confessions. The series will explore the many questions that still linger around these crimes and as the trailer ends, a voiceover leaves us with perhaps the most frightening one: “If Lucas didn’t kill all those people, then who did?” The series premieres on Netflix Dec. 6th.


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