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Trailers of the Week: ‘Bad Boys for Life,’ ‘The Invisible Man,’ ‘Soul,’ and More

From chilling thrillers to Pixar’s latest — your week in movie trailers

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Bad Boys for Life 

Will Smith (Mike) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus) reunite for the first Bad Boys film sine 2002. The film’s most recent trailer opens with the duo speeding through the streets of Miami, only, Marcus is feeling the wear of the fast life and has his eye on retirement. “What happened to bad boys for life?” asks Mike. “It’s time we be good men,” Marcus replies. However, the action-packed scenes prove this will have to wait. When Mike finds out someone has a hit on him, Marcus is coaxed out of retirement for one last case. Jan. 17th.

Color Out of Space 

Nicolas Cage stars in the upcoming alien invasion movie where a family’s idyllic move to the countryside doesn’t go as planned. The trailer opens with the family members experiencing feelings of unease in their new home. Their fears are confirmed when a neon pink space object lands in their backyard and mysteriously vanishes. From there, the clips get progressively more disturbing: Cage’s son starts hearing voices, a sink overflows with blood and Cage’s skin begins to decay. The family tries to fight back against the insidious presence, promising lots of suspense. Jan 24th. 

The Invisible Man 

In the latest adaptation of H.G. Well’s classic science fiction novel, Elizabeth Moss plays Cecilia, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. The trailer opens as Cecilia tries to flee from her abuser, Adrian, only to have him hunt her down. The scene then jumps to Cecilia in a lawyer’s office where she learns that her ex has committed suicide and left her $5 million. Despite photo evidence of Adrian’s death, Cecilia remains convinced that he is not gone for good. When Cecilia notices an invisible force following her (which she believes to be Adrian) other people in her life question her mental stability. However, as the trailer culminates with bloodshed at the hands of this being, Cecilia’s theory starts seeming more and more reasonable. Feb. 28th.


The New Pope

The HBO series’ latest trailer is steeped in vanity, power, and narcissism as it shows John Malkovich’s Pope John Paul III relish in his newfound control granted by Pope Pius XIII’s comatose state. The clip teases Malkovich repenting in the confessional booth as well as basking in the cheers of crowds. Yet, his status is not secure: the trailer ends with a shot of   Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) removing his oxygen to reveal a smile. The series will return to HBO in January.



An affluent couple welcomes a new nanny into their home to care for their infant son, Jericho. After she’s shown carrying out her duties, rocking the baby and pushing the stroller, a chilling twist is revealed: Jericho is not a living baby; he’s a look-alike doll meant to replace a child who has mysteriously died. The creepiness of this charade is somehow rivaled by that of the nanny. The trailer teases her questionable motives and concludes with a foreboding question for the couple who hired her: “Do you know who you welcomed into your home?” The thriller premieres on AppleTV+ on Nov. 28th.



Pixar’s latest trailer opens with an inspiring question: “What would you want to be known for on Earth?” It appears that Joe, an aspiring Jazz musician voiced by Jamie Foxx, would pick being known for his music. The clip shows Joe celebrating the news that he’s earned a big gig, until, in his excitement, he falls down a manhole in the street. Suddenly, Joe’s soul is separated from his body and he finds himself with another detached soul (voiced by Tina Fey) who shows off a silly cowboy dance. Out among the stars, the “You Seminar” the souls participate in promises laughs and introspection. June 19th.


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