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Taylor Swift Shares Car Accident Stories With David Letterman

Crashes happened during reporting of Rolling Stone cover story

Taylor Swift stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman last night to play “Red,” the title track from her new album, but first she shared a hilarious account of the two car accidents she got into while spending time with Brian Hiatt for Rolling Stone‘s latest cover story. Though Swift was nervous, noting Hiatt is “such a good writer,” she figured if she drove both of them to a restaurant, Hiatt might write about her impressive driving skills. As his cover story suggests (“This is what happens when Taylor Swift totally loses it,” it begins), things didn’t work out that way.

“I was trying to use the GPS in my car that I had never used before, but I wanted to use it because he was in the car and I wanted to seem like I knew how to use my GPS,” said Swift. While attempting a U-turn, Swift backed up “a tiny bit,” only to smack into another car. (Her reaction, according to the cover story: “Oh, my God. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD. OH, MY GOD.’”)

A little later, as she drove them back from the restaurant, a car blindsided her SUV, hitting them in the side. According to Swift, Hiatt thanked her for saving his life with her defensive driving skills. “That didn’t end up in the article, but he did say it,” she said.


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