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Scott Eastwood: From T-Swift Hunk to Rising Star

How Clint’s son went from the ‘Wildest Dream’ music-video guy to one of the hottest young actors today

Scott EastwoodScott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood in the 'The Longest Ride.' The son of Clint Eastwood, the young actor has been cast in Oliver Stone's upcoming 'Snowden' biopic and the supehero film 'Suicide Squad.'

Michael Tackett/Twentieth Century Fox Film/Everett

When Scott Eastwood was 18, he wanted to buy a used truck. So he asked his dad for $10,000. It wasn’t an insane request – after all, the dad in question was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history. But Clint Eastwood wasn’t in a giving mood and turned his son down. “I remember thinking, ‘What a fucking dick!'” says Scott, who managed to scrape together $1,000 for a 13-year-old Crown Victoria. “But now that I busted my ass for so many years, I think, ‘I am fucking glad he did that.'” He’s also glad his dad said no to casting him in 2014’s American Sniper. Or, rather, simply ignored his audition:

“I just didn’t get a callback.”

Luckily, the younger Eastwood, 29, inherited a lot from his dad, including his looks. The resemblance is so strong, in fact, that Scott looks like he could’ve just walked off the set of Dirty Harry. Now, that pedigree – as well as his leading-man chops – is translating into box-office success. Earlier this year, Scott played a sweaty, sensitive cowboy in Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride, a role that helped him get cast in the desert-fantasy video for Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.” “She is a class act,” says Eastwood. “That’s how I want to be as a person.” His agents advised him against doing a music video. “They said, ‘We don’t want you to be Taylor Swift’s boy toy,'” Eastwood says with a groan. “Are you fucking kidding? I would love to be Taylor Swift’s boy toy!”

Eastwood was raised partly by his mom, a flight attendant who dated Clint in the Eighties. But his dad played a large role in his upbringing, teaching him to hunt, fish and ride horses. Recently, Scott began flying helicopters, a hobby he picked up from his father, and Clint has given Scott small roles in a few of his films, including Gran Torino and Flags of Our Fathers. “There will always be people who think, ‘Oh, rich kid, trust-fund baby, blah, blah,'” Scott says. “That ain’t fucking true at all.”

Next year, Eastwood will co-star in Oliver Stone’s Snowden and the superhero-blockbuster-to-be Suicide Squad. Right now, he’s single, as is Clint, who, at 85, divorced his second wife last year. Scott says he’s “learned from his [father’s] mistakes.” Sort of. “A while ago my agents got offered a charity poker tournament with a Victoria’s Secret model,” he says. “They passed because they thought I’d think it was too low-rent. I said, ‘I’m single. I love Victoria’s Secret models, and I like poker. Don’t ever pass on something without asking me again!'”

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