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‘Parks and Rec’ Trailer Sounds an Ominous Note

‘Attack of the Knope’ preview mimics horror-movie plot line

A new trailer for the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation reimagines Pawnee as the scene for a horror movie. The video opens with dramatic strings and an aerial shot of the town and its citizens before cutting to councilwoman Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her overly ambitious plans for the town. Knope appears on a morning talk show and says, “Last time I checked, I don’t think I murdered anyone,” and the shot cuts to one of her with a shovel followed by a scene of maniacal laughter. The intensity builds with racing drums, frenzied inter-office shenanigans and Knope eventually asking “Do you think I should cover this up?” Parks and Recreation will return to NBC on September 26th.


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