Olivia Newton-John Opens Up About Third Battle With Cancer

‘Grease’ actress talks optimism, secret cancer battle in 2013 and cannabis oil in new interview

Olivia Newton-John opened up about battling cancer for a third time in a new interview. The Grease actress, who faced breast cancer in 1992 and secretly fought a reemergence of the same disease in her shoulder in 2013, discussed her latest cancer fight with Australia’s Sunday Night.

In 2017, doctors discovered that the breast cancer had returned and metasized to the base of her spine, with the singer postponing her U.S. tour due to the diagnosis.

Speaking to Sunday Night, the 69-year-old Newton-John added that she plans to combat the cancer with a mix of “modern” medicines and natural remedies, including cannabis oil.

“In California it’s legal to grow a certain amount of plants for your own medicinal purposes. So [my husband] makes me tinctures,” Newton-John said. “They help with pain.” The actress also noted that similar remedies weren’t yet legal in her native Australia. “My dream is that, in Australia soon, it will be available to all the cancer patients and people going through cancer that causes pain.”

People reports that Newton-John’s cancer is currently in stage four, but she remains optimistic in her battle. “I believe I will win over it,” Newton-John said, adding of fear, “I don’t go there. I’d be lying if I said I never go there. There are moments, I’m human. So If I allow myself to go there, I could easily create that, you know, big fear.”

Watch the Sunday Night interview with Newton-John below: