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‘Oblivion’ Suffers From Derivative Elements

‘It’s every other sci-fi movie that’s ever been made,’ says Peter Travers

The sci-fi epic Oblivion arrives in theaters this Friday – and though it’s not quite summer, Peter Travers notes its massive scale and impressive visuals feel like June blockbuster material.

Review: Oblivion

Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper, a man who seemingly lives alone on Earth gathering resources from a wasted, post-apocalyptic planet. He’s accompanied by an assistant (Andrea Riseborough) who doesn’t descend from their sky-high offices. Then Jack meets Malcolm (Morgan Freeman), the leader of an underground resistance movement, and he learns the truth about Earth’s destruction and his role in the current world.

Though it boasts big names and a big premise, Oblivion feels derivative and cobbled together from other futuristic fare, says Travers: “It’s every other sci-fi movie that’s ever been made.” Director Joseph Kosinski previously helmed Tron Legacy, which felt inhuman to Travers, and this film suffers from the same issues. “It steals from better movies; it would’ve been better off stealing from worse movies,” Travers says. “It makes you think how much you enjoy Inception or The Matrix or Wall-E. Meanwhile, you’re sitting there saying, ‘What’s going on in this movie?'”

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