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Meet the Man Behind Boba Fett’s Mask in New ‘Star Wars’ Doc

Trailer for making-of doc ‘Elstree 1976’ focuses on ‘New Hope’ extras — including the actor who played the fan favorite

The Force Awakens has sparked a tremendous amount of excitement for a new generation of Star Wars stories, but the success of J.J. Abrams’ film has also rekindled a widely shared nostalgia for George Lucas’ original trilogy. Judging by the trailer for Jon Spira’s Elstree 1976 — an upcoming documentary about the unassuming background actors who brought the original movie, now known as A New Hope, to life — that nostalgia extends to the people who made these movies what they are. 

Named after the British production facility where Lucas shoot Episodes IV — VI, Elstree 1976 focuses on 10 people who didn’t realize that their bit parts in a bizarre space opera would shape the future of the movies themselves. “It was just another job, except it looked weird,” one of the saga’s unsung heroes recall. From a guy who played a nameless sand trooper to Jeremy Bulloch — the man behind the mask of bounty hunter Boba Fett — Spira’s film allows the masked men and women of Star Wars to finally tell their own stories. 

Elstree 1976 will arrive in theaters and on VOD on May 6th.


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