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Madonna to Star in Ritchie’s Next Flick

Guy Ritchie casts new wife, Madonna, in next film

In a move that echoes old Hollywood, British film director Guy Ritchie will make his new wife Madonna the star of his next film. The singer, who married Ritchie at the Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Scotland, on Dec. 22 will take the lead in his latest gangster movie, The Mole.

The new Mrs. Ritchie will play “an American girl who comes to England and is caught up in an underworld battle where the hunt is on to find a police informer,” a source told London’s Daily Mirror. The Mole will mark Ritchie’s third foray into the underworld; Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and the recently released Snatch are both about gun-packing London mobsters. According to the paper, the new couple want to work together to avoid the pressure of having separate job commitments. The movie is reported to be set in London and production is expected to begin as early as March.

As for Madonna’s long-talked-about tour? It’s still anybody’s guess.

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