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John Oliver Starts ‘Daily Show’ Stint With Big News

Longtime correspondent cruises through first night as interim host

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John Oliver didn’t beat around the bush last night when he took over The Daily Show. “Let’s just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird: This looks weird, it feels weird, it even sounds weird,”Oliver said with a grin as he kicked off his stint filling in temporarily for Jon Stewart. With Stewart out for the next 12 weeks directing his first film, Rosewater, the longtime correspondent packed a bag with British jokes and was ready for an easy, breezy summer with no major news stories – until it came out that the government has been collecting the phone and Internet records of millions of Americans. With some nerves showing, but no massive hiccups, Oliver cruised through a new segment “Good News! You’re Not Paranoid” about the wiretapping scandal. Below, you can watch the interim host receiving some hilariously not-so-kind words of discouragement from the other The Daily Show correspondents who seemed just a tad bitter about getting passed over for the hosting gig.


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