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‘Homeland’ Season Three Teaser: An Up-Close Listen

Combing for clues in the Showtime thriller’s audio trailer

The third season of Homeland is on its way, and by the sound of its first teaser trailer (and we do mean “sound” – it’s basically all audio) it could be subtitled The Fugitive. The Emmy Award-winning political/espionage thriller ended its stormy second season with a triple status-quo shakeup: Marine turned terrorist turned double agent Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) was framed by his slain mentor Abu Nazir for the destruction of the CIA headquarters at Langley, then went on the run; his handler and on-again off-again girlfriend Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) helped him escape, then returned to the fold, her misdeeds unknown; her own mentor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) was cleared from CIA detention just soon enough to take over the Agency after the death of nearly all its brass in “Brody”‘s bomb blast.

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Now the hunt is on for Brody, and for clues as to what shape the new season, which launches on September 29, will take. Showtime’s first teaser for the season is designed to sound like snippets of intercepted communication between the characters. We gave it a listen and broke down what it revealed – and what it didn’t.

Where in the World is Sgt. Nicholas Brody?
If there’s one theme that emerges from the snippets of dialogue we overhear in this trailer, it’s that Brody’s on the move. No sitting tight in a safehouse – or an abandoned factory, Abu Nazir-style – for our ginger fugitive. He’s asking to be taken to “the next station,” he’s asking for his passport. . . He’s trying hard to remain one step ahead of his pursuers. And it seems he’s going global to do it: The sounds of sonorous church bells ring out just after the propulsive rhythms of a foreign marketplace. Whatever network he’s tapping into to stay free is a sprawling one.

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The Big Three
Meanwhile, there’s a disconnect between Brody and the other two members of Homeland‘s holy trinity. Saul Berenson, acting head of the CIA following its near-total destruction in the bomb blast for which Brody was framed last season, can be heard saying it plainly about the world’s most wanted man: “We don’t know where he is.” Brody, in turn, asks “Does Carrie know I’m here?”, implying that his link to his lover/savior inside the Agency has frayed. Indeed, Carrie herself is nowhere to be heard. Expect a veritable Craigslist of missed connections.

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“Help Me Come Clean Again”
And it looks like Brody’s got an endgame in mind, wherever his journey takes him. His Arabic dialogue at the end of the teaser has been translated around the internet as “I am a Muslim lost in this world – help me come clean again.” His faith remains intact despite his triple-cross by Abu Nazir – “I’m a Muslim,” he says elsewhere in the teaser as an explanation for why some mysterious person or persons will help him – and so does his desire to get right.

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