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‘Force Awakens’ Trailer Has Football Fans Feeling Conflicted

The Giants and Eagles faced off on ‘Monday Night Football,’ but all anybody wanted to see was the new ‘Star Wars’ spot

So, Star Wars fans, was it worth it?

Wait, don’t answer that; we know what you’re going to say. The “final” trailer for The Force Awakens premiered last night during Monday Night Football, instantly turning a pretty terrible NFC East game between the Giants and Eagles into a genuine pop culture event. And while we didn’t get any of the exciting bells and whistles promised by a Redditor named “DatESPNGUY” – thanks for nothing, dude – we’re willing to bet you, the diehard Force fan, didn’t mind. Because the trailer was fucking awesome.

But what did bother many Star Wars obsessives was the fact that they had to sit through an entire first half of turnover-filled, low-octane football (trust us, guys, most games aren’t like this) before the trailer debuted. And while watching Eli Manning and Sam Bradford exchange interceptions is nobody’s idea of a good time, neither was Attack of the Clones – and we all made it through that (relatively) unscathed. 

Either way, people weren’t feeling the football love.

It didn’t take long for Star Wars fans to move on from football, though. While tickets were expected to go on sale within an hour of the trailer’s debut, Fandango got a head start on the competition by opening their online store early. Sure, they almost immediately experienced crashes and loading issues which sent fans everywhere into a frenzy, but you know what they say about patience – it’s a virtue, or something. Someone tell Chip Kelly.


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