Even Though “Saw VI” Got Mutilated at the Box Office by “Paranormal Activity,” What's Your Fave Saw Trap? - Rolling Stone
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Even Though “Saw VI” Got Mutilated at the Box Office by “Paranormal Activity,” What’s Your Fave Saw Trap?

Even the vengeful Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) couldn’t see this trap coming. Every sequel to the Saw franchise that began in 2004 has opened north of $30 million. Not this time, horror fans. Saw VI had to settle for a puny half that much, debuting in its traditional pre-Halloween spot. WTF? It wasn’t the movie’s fault. Saw VI, taking a satirically serrated edge to, of all things, HMOs, is actually better than the last two entries in the series. And it has decent reviews to prove it.

Watch Saw VI star Tobin Bell on Off the Cuff With Peter Travers

What Jigsaw didn’t count on was Paranormal Activity, launched by Paramount with a viral promo campaign that really caught fire. This weekend Paranormal grabbed a massive $22 million from fewer than 2,000 screens. Saw VI, on over 3,000 screens, took in only $14.8 million, making it the box-office shame of the series. My advice to Jigsaw in Saw VII? Go back in time and trap that yuppie paranormal couple in their bedroom with the nastiest torture trap you can devise.

Do you want to play a game? What’s the best torture trap that Jigsaw has cooked up in the six films so far. When I interviewed Tobin Bell recently here at Rolling Stone, he chose the brain surgery on his own Jigsaw character in Saw III as the scariest. There is much to be said for the merry-go-round massacre in Saw VI, but I’d go for the harrowing crawl through 100,000 hypodermic needles in Saw II. Name your own favorite Saw trap. And I want to know how many of you out there have actually seen all six Saw movies.


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