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Elvis Costello and the Roots Stroll ‘Uptown’ on ‘Fallon’

Collaborators stuck around for web-only version of ‘Tripwire’

It only makes sense that Elvis Costello and the Roots would make their first TV appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: It was in the Roots’ dressing room there where they recorded Wise Up Ghost, their new album together. Costello and Fallon’s house band performed a pair of songs last night, barely breaking a sweat as they locked in on “Walk Us Uptown,” Costello plucking at his guitar and drawling out his vocals over a super-tight beat from Questlove, a loping bassline and flourishes from horns and keyboards.

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Later, in a web-only bonus performance, the collaborators slowed down on the soulful “Tripwire,” with chiming keyboard arpeggios cascading behind Costello’s mournful vocals for a verse before the rest of the band kicked in. Costello is set to appear on Fallon again Thursday, and he and the Roots celebrated Wise Up Ghost Monday with a performance at Brooklyn Bowl in New York.


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