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‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Hair Care Hijinks

Omarosa declares herself ‘the baddest chick in the board room’

Claudia Jordan and Lil Jon on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Claudia Jordan and Lil Jon on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

To Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice is “more than a just show” – it’s a reality TV landmark, he said last week in a spurt of typically self-congratulating rhetoric. But even Trump, who surely has seen his fair share of board room brouhahas, couldn’t believe what unfolded last episode when La Toya Jackson backed down from teammate and nemeses Omarosa, all but sealing her own fate. When this week’s episode gets underway, it’s Omarosa who is still trying to comprehend how she escaped the board room unscathed. And her teammates are none too pleased she’s still around. “If we lose [another task], honey,” Claudia Jordan tells her, “you gotta go.” 

Both teams reconvene in the Trump Tower lobby to receive their next task. It’s becoming ever more clear that The Donald prefers to work with the same companies each season. So with another season comes another Farouk Systems-related task. (For those not in the hair-care know, Farouk makes products such as Chi and Biosilk – the latter, we learn, is a woman’s best friend when it comes to volumizing). The teams will each construct an interactive marketing campaign for Farouk Systems using a glass truck as a live-action advertisement. The project mangers for the task are Jordan and Marilu Henner, for Team Power and Plan B, respectively. The winning PM will win up to $100K for her charity.

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Upon learning the task, Lil Jon is all smiles: Dude won the Farouk Systems challenge during his first go-round on Celebrity Apprentice. Yet, as he and his teammates rally around project manager Jordan to start drumming up marketing ideas for their assigned product, Chi, Omarosa is already stirring up trouble: she says Jordan is a follower, not a leader. But is Omarosa worried? Hardly. “I’m the baddest chick in the board room and they all know it,” she says, grinning.

Henner’s team, meanwhile, is struggling to come up with a slogan for their  product, Biosilk. Stephen Baldwin must really be into alliteration these days, so he gets hung up on using the slogan “Live Life Luscious.” But Trace Adkins isn’t feeling that “mouthful” of a slogan. Instead, the country singer suggests using “Experience Silk,” which the team ultimately runs with. Adkins, though, is fearful he may have just shot himself in the foot. “I just pulled my pecker out and showed it to everybody,” he says, worried about what will happen if his slogan doesn’t go over well with Farouk.

Being a beauty-centered task, both teams are hot on the trail of wrangling Miss USA contestants to show up at their respective glass-truck displays. Jordan, a model and former pageant queen, says she’s got this aspect in the bag. But apparently she’s never met Baldwin’s publicist; Baldwin’s right-hand mystery man has Miss USA and her merry model friends in his Rolodex, and convinces them to come on behalf of Henner’s squad, not Jordan’s. Of course this leaves Jordan scrambling for alternatives. Ger solution? Hire celebrity impersonators. After learning their first choice, a Donald Trump lookalike, kicked the bucket, they’re forced to settle for a mediocre-at-best- Joan Rivers double.

Come presentation day, both teams have their glass-truck displays up and running. On Jordan’s team, Lil Jon dresses up in an Uncle Sam outfit; Dennis Rodman wears gold lipstick and schmoozes with the pageant girls; hairdressers flit about beautifying random folks who stop by.

Henner’s team goes for even more of a spectacle: Gary Busey runs around referring to himself as “The Angel of Silk” (“There are aliens inside him,” Adkins hypothesizes); Penn Jillette is juggling fire – as he always seems to do; Adkins stands atop the truck strumming his guitar; hairdressers inside the glass truck volumize women’s hair. Farouk and his son, along with project consultant and last season’s winner Arsenio Hall, come by to assess the situation. Farouk can’t get enough of the entertainment value of Henner’s squad. Plus, he seems thoroughly pleased to be surrounded by so many pageant contestants. However, the hair care emperor does feel that Jordan’s team is more attuned to the task’s branding element.

Still, we’re left with little indication of which team will notch the win. And so we head to the drama-filled board room. Unfortunately, both teams are relatively harmonious this week: Jordan’s team unanimously praises its leader; Henner, her team says, is a great manager as well  if not a bit scatterbrained. 

So who chalked up the win? In the end, Trump explains, Farouk felt Henner’s team created more excitement around their product. Once again, Team Plan B is victorious.

But who will now get the axe from Team Power? Will it be project manager Claudia Jordan? Or perhaps Omarosa? (Jordan was, after all, quite insistent that if her team lost, she’d make sure Omarosa was cut loose.) So naturally Jordan will be at minimum bringing Omarosa back to the board room with her, right?Not quite. In another head-scratching move courtesy of a Team Power project manager, Jordan opts to bring back Rodman and Lil Jon with her to face elimination. Yes, Omarosa escapes yet again and it feels like déjà vu from last week’s episode. “I think it’s a stupid decision,” Trump informs Jordan.

The model is not ready to go down without a fight. She tells Trump that it’s Rodman, a lazy liability to her team, who should be going home. Trump doesn’t want to hear it. It was Jordan, he says, who was the project manager, couldn’t inspire her team to rally together for a win, and then, to top it off, was too cowardly to bring back Omarosa to the board room. And so, with a flick of Trump’s wrist, Claudia Jordan is fired.

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