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‘Captain Phillips’ Is Oscar-Worthy

Tom Hanks’ performance ranks up there with his very best

You know Oscar season is around the corner when Peter Travers can’t fill his Scum Bucket. “It’s the time that studios put out their best movies,” he says, “and Captain Phillips is no exception.” The Paul Greengrass-directed thriller tells the true story of Captain Richard Phillips, who was kidnapped by Somali pirates in 2009. While Greengrass is primarily known for the action-heavy Bourne franchise, Travers says his documentary style gives Phillips a heart-pounding sense of urgency: “(He) makes it look like we are living what’s going on.” But our movie critic saves his highest praise for Tom Hanks, whose spellbinding performance “ranks up there” with his Oscar-winning turns in Philadephia and Forrest Gump.

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