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Bryan Cranston Dishes on ‘Breaking Bad’ in Reddit AMA

Actor also discussed his taste in music and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

With the final season of Breaking Bad looming, series star Bryan Cranston shed some light on the show during a Reddit AMA last night, placing his humble and hilarious sides on display while interacting with fans.

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Sitting in the Breaking Bad writer’s room, Cranston discussed on-set pranks, his taste in music, Malcolm in the Middle and much more before saying he had to go watch someone get killed by a crane back on set. Here are some of the highlights:

What is your all time favorite movie, TV show, and food?
All-time favorite tv show is Breaking Bad, I don’t know if you guys have heard of it before. When you say the Godfather, everybody says “oh the Godfather“, but it was really remarkable. I loved the Andy Griffith show for its simplicity and warmth, but I also love Louis for its sardonic humor. My favorite food is typically what I am eating at the time. But if I had to chose one, I’d have to go Italian. How can you not love pasta?

Have you ever pranked Aaron Paul on set? For some reason I think that he’d be super gullible.
Oh yeah, many times. There was one episode when where someone was giving us a problem and I told him to take care of it and he didn’t know specifically what I meant by it. I said “I need you to take care of it” and I reached into my waistband and pulled out a gun and put it on the counter. He understood the message. Then during the scene where I said “I need you to take care of it” I reached into my waistband and pulled out a dildo.

Who would win a bar fight: Frankie Muniz or Aaron Paul?
Hahaha. The woman who would throw them both out of the bar.

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What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on set in your career?
There was a guy who was hit by a crane and killed instantly. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I read somewhere that you were a villain on the Power Rangers. If true please tell what it was like.
I’m doing action chops write now to depict that. I did voice work for the Power Rangers years and years ago. Someone once told me they named the blue Power Ranger after me, his last name was Cranston. I found out years later that was true.

Was this whole thing just an elaborate plot by Walt to get Jesse to learn chemistry?
Ha! You know there are many ways to teach people and you just have to find your own way end to stimulate the minds of young people. This was a ruse Walt designed way back when… “someday I’ll pretend to be making Crystal method, get him to be my partner. Yessss, that’s it.”

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Do you happen to be a Steely Dan fan? I’ve noticed two of your characters referenced them. Hal’s old DJ name was Kid Charlemagne on Malcolm in the Middle, while Walt lectures Walt Jr. about how they’re better than today’s musicians on Breaking Bad.
Yeah, I am. It was my era and I would try to get tickets to see their latest tour but I’m not going to be in the city so I’ll have to catch them next time.

Us fans on /r/breakingbad were discussing when in the series we think Walter White officially “broke bad.” My question for you is: At what point in the series do you believe Walter White officially broke bad?
My feeling is that Walt broke bad in the very first episode. It was very subtle but he did because that’s when he decided to become someone that he’s not in order to gain financially. He made the Faustian deal at that point and everything else was a slippery slope.

Does Breaking Bad end the way that you wanted it to?
Breaking Bad ended the way Vince Gilligan wanted it to… which is exactly what I wanted.


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