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‘Breaking Bad’ Nets 2.9 Million Viewers for Season Five Premiere

Fourteen percent viewer increase results in most-watched episode in show’s run

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Breaking Bad drew 2.9 million viewers for the premiere of its fifth and final season last night, making it the most-watched episode in the show’s run, the Hollywood Reporter reveals.

The numbers increased by 14 percent from last summer’s fourth season debut, while the show as a whole saw a significant 34 percent season-over-season gain among adults 18-49, with 1.9 million watching last night.

During the show’s panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego last weekend, stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul – dressed in yellow hazmat suits that were perfect for, say, cooking meth – promised that this season will be the show’s darkest yet. 

“This entire season is just creepy, unsettling,” said Paul, who plays meth dealer Jesse Pinkman.

Be sure to check out our recap of last night’s intense premiere as well as our interview with show creator Vince Gilligan, who delves into the episode as well as the fate of Cranston’s character, the protagonist Walter White.

“There are an awful lot of loose ends when you are forging a meth kingdom,” said Gilligan. “There are so many I’s to dot and T’s to cross when you’re on your meteoric rise to becoming Scarface. And a lot of paperwork that needs to get done, you know? The paperwork is endless.”


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