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Aubrey Plaza Booted From MTV Movie Awards After Stage-Crashing Will Ferrell

‘Parks and Rec’ actress tries to steal trophy in ‘unplanned’ move

Aubrey Plaza was booted from last night’s MTV Awards after she unexpectedly crashed Will Ferrell’s acceptance speech.

Ferrell was in the middle of receiving his Comedic Genius Award when Plaza suddenly appeared onstage. The Parks and Recreation actress tried unsuccessfully to wrestle the golden popcorn statue from Ferrell’s hands, leading to an awkward moment. Plaza returned to her seat, and Ferrell played it cool. “Aubrey Plaza, everyone,” he said. “Just like we rehearsed it. Perfect, it was perfect. Not too long, not too short. Right on the money.”

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But the incident wasn’t planned, according to MTV, and Plaza was kicked out by the show’s producers soon after. Plaza noticeably had “the to do list” scrawled on her chest, and she gave a shout-out to Kanye West on Twitter for the inspiration. “Thanks for the advice, @KanyeWest,” she wrote, referring to West’s infamous interruption of Taylor Swift‘s 2009 VMA acceptance speech. “Went better than planned! #mtvmovieawards #chrisbosh #thesecret.”


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