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At the Movies With Peter Travers: Worst Movies of the Decade

With three days left in the decade, Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers looks back at the 2000s’ worst films. We already know that There Will Be Blood was Travers’ Number One Film of the 2000s, but in a decade that featured swill like Glitter, Battleship Earth and the Transformers series — Transformers 2 was named Travers’ worst movie of 2009 — which film above all else wins the coveted award for Worst of the Decade? Will it be the suspense-less Da Vinci Code? The abhorrent Gigli? Watch to find out.

Plus, Travers also hands out awards to the Worst Actors and Actresses of the decade. No spoilers, but here’s a hint: A pair of musicians take home the Worst Actress trophy, while former SNLers share the title of Worst Actor of the 2000s.

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