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At the Movies with Peter Travers: ‘The Last Exorcism,’ ‘Piranha 3D’

In this week’s segment of At the Movies, Peter Travers discusses two new films involving Hostel director Eli Roth.
The Last Exorcism
, which Roth produced, concerns a skeptical preacher who invites a documentary team to shoot … his last exorcism. “You’re not seeing a lot of violence,” explains Travers, “you’re just feeling it in your bones.” In the bloody but hilarious Piranha 3D

, meanwhile, Roth appears as the emcee of a wet T-shirt contest. The movie has had such cult success in its first week that a sequel has already been planned. For more on Roth, check out his recent visit to Rolling Stone
for Travers’ Off the Cuff series.

Meanwhile, Travers want to know: “What really scares us and when did it begin?” For Travers, Night of the Living Dead sparked a jones for zombie moves, which continues through films like 28 Days Later. Tell Travers your scary movies by writing to @petertravers on Twitter.

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