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At The Movies With Peter Travers: “Terminator: Salvation,” “The Girlfriend Experience” and “Night at the Museum”

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, which means giant Hollywood blockbusters at the multiplex, and this week there are two: Terminator: Salvation and Night At the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian. First up, Terminator: Salvation, the fourth installment in the man vs. robot series. While the film lacks the fire of star Christian Bale’s now-infamous F-bomb-dropping rant, Peter Travers says this film isn’t half bad, thanks to co-star Sam Worthington, a young “Russell Crowe without the attitude” who will be seen later this year in James Cameron’s much-anticipated Avatar. Travers also applauds the work of the film’s director, McG.

And in the Scum Bucket is Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian, the sequel to the equally Scum Bucket-worthy Ben Stiller film, which Travers insists made him puke.

For a better alternative — and if you want to avoid the long lines for popcorn at the cineplex — your indie theater will likely be showing Steven Soderbergh’s clever The Girlfriend Experience, starring porn star Sasha Grey, the subject of a recent Rolling Stone profile.

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