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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Eat Turkey Testicles on ‘Corden’

The actor plays a round of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”

James Corden invited Arnold Schwarzenegger to play a round of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show, which involves eating disgusting substances if you refuse to answer a question.

In the clip, Corden asks the actor how he’s feeling about the possibility of eating things like turkey testicles, bird saliva and a hot pepper smoothie. “I am not going to eat again for the next week,” Schwarzenegger says, looking skeptical.

For the first round, Schwarzenegger selects the bird saliva for Corden to drink if he refuses to answer the question: “If you had the ability to cancel one of the late night talk shows which would it be?” Corden says, “I’d like to cancel all of them. That would be great for us.”

Schwarzenegger goads him into a better answer, intoning, “Do it. Do it now. I am not screwing around.” In the end Corden drinks the bird saliva.

On his turn, Schwarzenegger is given the three hot chili pepper smoothie if he doesn’t respond to the question, “In the public’s eye, politicians have a reputation for lying. While you were governor what is something you said or did you knew was a lie?”

Schwarzenegger replies with a story about a legislator he didn’t like and the crass message he left on a vetoed bill, which he later told the press he didn’t know about.

Later in the segment, Corden is tasked with eating bull penis if he doesn’t spill on what he discussed with Ivanka Trump at a recent wedding and Schwarzenegger is given jellyfish to reveal whether he would have ever eaten at Planet Hollywood if he wasn’t an investor.

To conclude, Corden selects the turkey testicles for Schwarzenegger and asks, “You and Donald Trump have a long history together. Recently you’ve had a very public feud, but you’ve also known each other since the Eighties. What is the worst thing you’ve heard Donald Trump say in private?”

Spoiler alert: Schwarzenegger doesn’t have to eat the testicles. Corden is disappointed that the actor hasn’t eaten anything off the table, so he tries another question that leads to Schwarzenegger popping a ball in his mouth.


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