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Apocalypse Soon in Riotous First 10 Minutes of ‘This Is the End’

James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel face doom

An apocalypse doesn’t sound like much fun, but James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel can still turn the end of the world into a good time. In This Is the End – out today on Blu-ray and DVD – the crew proved there’s no one better with whom to tough out impending doom, and in this clip of the film’s first 10 minutes, Rogen and Baruchel link up and head to Franco’s pad for a riotous party.

Rogen picks up Baruchel at the airport in Los Angeles, where the latter wants to immediately take care of a craving for Carl’s Jr. But Rogen is on a diet cleanse, preventing him from indulging in unhealthy foods – though drinking and smoking weed are still more than OK. Gluten, on the other hand, is a topic of heated debate.

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Rogen gives in, and the pals gorge on burgers and roll to Rogen’s spot, where he’s set up a table of Baruchel’s favorite things: tons of green, “Jay” spelled in joints, a Volcano vaporizer, a Gandalf-style pipe and a big-ass bag of Starbursts. Rogen knows Baruchel doesn’t “love it in L.A.” and has taken great measures to make his friend comfortable.

But they don’t stay too chill; Rogen suggests they head to Franco’s house for a party. The outsider Baruchel doesn’t like the idea but relents after Rogen’s plea. Rogen gets a warm reception from Franco while Baruchel is mistaken for “Johnny.” The hospitable Franco welcomes his guests a little too forwardly and declares video games as art. Mindy Kaling says hi and confesses how badly she wants to jump Michael Cera’s coked out bones. And at the end, Hill pops in and excitedly greets Rogen and Baruchel, though he might be the least cool person in the room.


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