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Amy Schumer to Star in Live-Action ‘Barbie’ Film

Comedian also to rework script for PG-rated adaptation of iconic Mattel toy brand


Amy Schumer is in talks to bring Barbie dolls to the big screen as the comedian will put a contemporary spin on the iconic toy brand.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

Amy Schumer is in talks to bring Barbie dolls to the big screen. The comedian will star and rework the script for the live action Barbie, which puts a contemporary spin on the iconic toy brand.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Barbie film centers on Schumer’s character that lives in a perfect, Barbie-filled world, only to realize she doesn’t belong. After being banished from her homeland for not fitting in, the character winds up in the real world where she learns to cherish her uniqueness. 

Deadline added that Mattel, which generates $3 billion annually from the toy brand and thus were protective about how Barbie would be portrayed on the big screen, signed off on the empowering concept for the feature film.

Unlike Schumer’s recent R-rated comedy Trainwreck and her own often-explicit television show Inside Amy Schumer, Barbie, as a family comedy, will aim for a PG rating, with THR placing it in a similar fish-out-of-water vein as Enchanted and Tom Hanks’ Big.

Sony Pictures, which inked a deal with toymaker Mattel in 2014, will produce the Barbie film, due out in summer 2018. Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele will rewrite a script originally penned by Hilary Winston.

Following 2015’s Trainwreck, Schumer will next be seen in a dramatic role in the upcoming PTSD drama Thank You for Your Service. Schumer also wrapped filming on an upcoming mother/daughter comedy that marks Goldie Hawn’s first film role in 15 years.


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