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3-D Again Lands ‘Alice’ in Box-Office Wonderland, So RPattz and MDamon Better Get with the Program

Rob Pattinson and Matt Damon had better get to Wonderland and fast! There’s a lesson for every movie in today’s box-office results. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland took in a whopping $62 million in its second week for a domestic total of $209 million. That’s money, people! And why? 3-D. Don’t tell me it isn’t. Audiences are hungry for anything in 3-D and will pay premium ticket prices for the opportunity. And Hollywood is eager to comply. Clash of the Titans, shot in 2-D and due to open on April 2nd, is being refitted for 3-D. The studios know where our dollars are, and where our weakness is.

Check out the other openings this weekend: Green Zone took in a measly $14 million despite the efforts of the studio to sell it as Bourne movie starring Matt Damon. Audiences simply will not see movies about the Iraq war. Hurt Locker is the lowest grossing movie ever to win an Oscar as Best Picture. What to do? Retro fit Green Zone for 3-D. Get Damon out there shooting with bullets flying off the screen.

And look at Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star has girls chasing him through shopping malls. But his non-Twi film, Remember Me opened to a pathetic $8 million. Imagine if RPatz mooned around Remember Me in 3-D. Then they’d remember it.

Can 3-D get you see a movie you’re otherwise on the fence about? I’d like to know.


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