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‘The Walking Dead’: Biggest Surprises of Season Three, Pt. Two

Plot twists and changes-of-heart marked a strong second half

the walking dead

Sunday night marks the third season finale of AMC's hit show The Walking Dead. The second half of this season featured its fair share of gross-out zombie gore and some surprising deaths (we'll miss you, Axel! And even you, Merle!), but its defining features were the often-surprising character developments and less-than-credible plot twists. Admittedly, a show about what happens after a zombie apocalypse takes out most of humanity is guaranteed to present situations that require even the most devout viewers to suspend their disbelief – we all know zombies aren't real . . . or are they? But the last installments under recently-deposed showrunner Glen Mazarra's reign provoked fans into screaming at their TV screens at least once an episode. Bite into our list of the biggest surprises of the second half of Season Three. (It should go without saying that there are multiple spoilers here for anyone not caught up with the show.)

By Bex Schwartz

the walking dead

Gene Page/AMC


The Governor Is Still Alive! (Episode 14, ‘Prey’)

Andrea tries to escape Woodbury and rejoin her friends at the prison. But the Governor chases after her, tearing across a field in a rugged truck as she somehow outruns him. (Huh?) He stalks his former lover through an abandoned warehouse teeming with walkers. Andrea manages to evade him, slipping through the rubble as she takes out zombies right and left. Finally, the Governor corners her, and it looks like she has no way out – the Gov is in front of her and he is full of murderous rage, and there's a stairwell full of walkers right behind her. Andrea somehow manages to open the door to the stairwell while hiding behind it, and a throng of zombies surges out to attack the Governor. He's surely a dead man, right? Finally?

Andrea flees the warehouse and schleps to the prison on foot, despite the Governor's truck just hanging out a few feet away. Just as Andrea makes it to the outskirts of the prison, she pauses and waves to try to catch Rick's attention. And suddenly the Governor lurches out of nowhere, fully alive, unbitten and hell-bent on revenge. How the hell did he survive? He had one gun and a shovel! And yet he somehow dispatched dozens of walkers and emerged without a bite? Is the Governor some sort of uber-man? If the show uses season four to reveal that the Governor is actually some sort of supernatural immortal, there are going to be lots of horrible epithets being screamed at screens across the country. Let's hope they at least explain this miraculous survival.