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The Ten Most Cringe-Worthy Moments on ‘Girls’


Jojo Whilden

Lena Dunham’s acclaimed show about the highs and lows – but mostly lows – of being young in the city ends its first season this week. We remember the cringe-worthiest moments we almost wish we didn’t.

By Halle Kiefer

4) Jessa Rebuffs Her Boss Jeff (Episode #7, 'Welcome to Bushwick')

Jojo Whilden


Jessa Rebuffs Her Boss Jeff (Episode 7, ‘Welcome to Bushwick’)

"Oh my God, I'm that guy," Jeff moans after arriving at the massive Bushwick warehouse party to Jessa’s awkward surprise. And that’s before he gets beaten up and ends up in the E.R.! Despite that moment of self-realization, Jeff still tries to get Jessa to go home with him, calling her a "tease" through a bleeding nose when she turns him down. Not as cringe-worthy as the off-screen moment when he has to tell his wife what the hell happened to him, but still . . . yikes.

3) Shoshanna Gets Her Voyeurism On (Episode #5, 'Hard Being Easy')

Jojo Whilden


Shoshanna Gets Her Voyeurism On (Episode 5, ‘Hard Being Easy’)

"You're a bat-shit little perv!," Jessa howls when she discovers her mortified cousin has accidentally watched her bed an ex in their living room. Jessa might need to prove she's "unsmoteable," but Shoshanna now needs some trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy. Maybe your peeking out of a closet is just a metaphor! A metaphor for being a cringe-worthy perv.

2) Marnie Dumps Charlie Mid-Coitus: (Episode #5, 'Hard Being Easy')

Jojo Whilden


Marnie Dumps Charlie Mid-Coitus (Episode 5, ‘Hard Being Easy’)

After a quiet, mournful journey back into each other's arms, Marnie doesn't quite realize she does not want to be with Charlie until they are in the midst of the most tender make-up sex. "Don't abandon me," he whispers into her hair . . . causing Marnie to clock her head against the bottom of his loft in a violent on-screen cringe. We're right there with you, girl.

1) Hannah’s AIDS Monologue (Episode #2, 'All Adventurous Women Do')

Jojo Whilden


Hannah’s AIDS Monologue (Episode 2, ‘All Adventurous Women Do’)

"You know, it's also a really good excuse to be mad at a guy. It's not just something dumb like, 'You didn't text me back,' it's like 'You gave me AIDS. So deal with that. Forever.’ Maybe I'm actually not scared of AIDS. Maybe I thought I was scared of AIDS, but really what I am is . . . wanting AIDS." Hannah's gyno appointment rant is the cringe-worthy moment to end all cringe-worthy moments. Or just, all moments. All moments are over now. There is only cringe.

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