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The Ten Most Cringe-Worthy Moments on ‘Girls’


Jojo Whilden

Lena Dunham’s acclaimed show about the highs and lows – but mostly lows – of being young in the city ends its first season this week. We remember the cringe-worthiest moments we almost wish we didn’t.

By Halle Kiefer

1) Hannah’s AIDS Monologue (Episode #2, 'All Adventurous Women Do')

Jojo Whilden


Hannah’s AIDS Monologue (Episode 2, ‘All Adventurous Women Do’)

"You know, it's also a really good excuse to be mad at a guy. It's not just something dumb like, 'You didn't text me back,' it's like 'You gave me AIDS. So deal with that. Forever.’ Maybe I'm actually not scared of AIDS. Maybe I thought I was scared of AIDS, but really what I am is . . . wanting AIDS." Hannah's gyno appointment rant is the cringe-worthy moment to end all cringe-worthy moments. Or just, all moments. All moments are over now. There is only cringe.

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