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The Tao of Jack Nicholson: Icon on Love, Sex, Movies

Celebrating the 80-year-old movie icon’s words of wisdom on acting, love, sex and the necessity of a good pair of sunglasses

The Tao of Jack Nicholson best quotes from Rolling Stone features

In honor of Jack Nicholson's 80th birthday, we celebrate the movie icon's legacy with a gallery of Rolling Stone pics and our favorite Jack quotes.

Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone

Hollywood Lothario, Oscar-winner, character actor, cinematic icon, the coolest man on Muholland Drive – over the years, Jack Nicholson has been all of these things and more. The man behind Randall McMurphy, Jack Torrance, Jake Gittes and oh-so-many other unforgettable angry young men and roaring lions in winters turned 80 years old over the weekend, and we’re celebrating with a gallery of his standout Rolling Stone covers and photo shoots. And just for kicks – because we do know Jack – we’ve collected a handful of his more memorable words of wisdom (some from our numerous cover stories, others from a variety of outside sources) on everything from how to survive six decades in the spotlight to his thoughts on death, sex, love and regret.

Herb Ritts for Rolling Stone

The Man With the Mouth, December 1987

[On his character in As Good As It Gets] “There’s that one-up part of the New York patois: Accuse me of being an
anti-Semite and I’m going to be Adolf Hitler, you know what I mean?”–Rolling Stone

Albert Watson for Rolling Stone

Jack on Our March 1998 Cover

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”–quoted in Hello magazine

Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone

Jack on Our October 2006 Cover

“I’m unattached for quite a while so I have varied company. In terms of
age, you could say that over the last year, I’ve probably covered the
territory from twenty-one to sixty-one.”–Rolling Stone

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