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The Tao of Jack Nicholson: Icon on Love, Sex, Movies

Celebrating the 80-year-old movie icon’s words of wisdom on acting, love, sex and the necessity of a good pair of sunglasses

The Tao of Jack Nicholson best quotes from Rolling Stone features

In honor of Jack Nicholson's 80th birthday, we celebrate the movie icon's legacy with a gallery of Rolling Stone pics and our favorite Jack quotes.

Matthew Rolston for Rolling Stone

Hollywood Lothario, Oscar-winner, character actor, cinematic icon, the coolest man on Muholland Drive – over the years, Jack Nicholson has been all of these things and more. The man behind Randall McMurphy, Jack Torrance, Jake Gittes and oh-so-many other unforgettable angry young men and roaring lions in winters turned 80 years old over the weekend, and we’re celebrating with a gallery of his standout Rolling Stone covers and photo shoots. And just for kicks – because we do know Jack – we’ve collected a handful of his more memorable words of wisdom (some from our numerous cover stories, others from a variety of outside sources) on everything from how to survive six decades in the spotlight to his thoughts on death, sex, love and regret.

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