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The Grossest Moments on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3

The gutsiest, grimiest moments this season put on the small screen

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Why do we love The Walking Dead? This season's rip-roaring return to fine form finally hit the right balance of interpersonal drama and post-apocalyptic zombie-filled terror. We watch because we're invested in the survival of Rick Grimes and his band of misfits, because we need to know what's really going on in Woodbury, because we're fascinated by relationship dynamics in the face of the end of the world. Or maybe we tune in each week to see how our heroes (or anti-heroes) will dispatch the omnipresent threat of the undead. For all the fans of The Walking Dead's gore and viscera, we present the Ten Grossest Moments from Season 3.

We salute the bravery of the zombpocalypse survivors for engaging in these disgusting acts of (literal) gutsiness. (Warning: if you aren't caught up on all of Season Three, beware for here there be spoilers).

By Bex Schwartz

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Lori’s C-section

In "The Killer Within," an unseen villain unlocked the prison gates and set the zombies loose on Rick and the gang. During the next panic-stricken minutes, Lori gets separated from the group along with Maggie and Carl. She goes into labor but very quickly realizes that she won't be able to deliver her baby naturally. Lori commands Maggie to slice into her body, following her original C-section scar as a guide.  No anesthesia, no sterile conditions, no painkillers – Lori stifles her screams to avoid drawing zombie attention until she finally succumbs to the excruciating pain. Her baby daughter survived but Lori did not. Adding insult to injury, her son Carl has to put a bullet into her brain to prevent his mother from turning into a zombie.

Gene Page/AMC


Michonne disembowels a zombie

After Merle let Michonne walk away from Woodbury, she left him a gruesome message composed of decaying zombie body parts: GO BACK. Acting on the Governor's orders, Merle was dead-set on killing Michonne and bringing her head back as a trophy. But Michonne got the drop on Merle and his henchmen, hurling herself out of a tree, ninja-style. In the ensuing fight, Merle put a bullet in her leg. But Michonne beheaded two of his henchmen with her power katana and managed to escape with the tried-and-true method of covering herself with zombie guts. As walkers approached the scuffle, Michonne disemboweled a zombie by plunging her sword straight into his abdomen. We watched in horror as greasy, grimy zombie guts surged out of the zombie's tummy and all over Michonne.

waling dead

Gene Page/AMC


The Governor loses an eye

When Michonne sneaks into the Governor's man cave, all she really wants to do is take out the guy she hates so much. Instead, she discovers the Governor's long-dead daughter, a zombie girl he's been keeping alive for months. The Governor surprises her and begs for Michonne to spare Penny's life, but Michonne is deaf to his pleas, driving her sword straight through the ex-little-girl's brain. The Governor is distraught and attacks Michonne, slamming her head into his collection of floating heads. Just when it seems like our favorite katana-wielding superhero is about to be a goner, Michonne grabs a piece of broken glass and shoves it way up into the Governor's brain, through his eye. Horrific and terrible, just like him.

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