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The Best of ‘True Blood’: The Darkest, Sexiest Moments From Bon Temps and Beyond

True Blood Moments

Courtesy of HBO

Five seasons later, the great thing about True Blood remains the show's ability to combine campy fun, social commentary and a who's who of the supernatural world into one deliciously good time. The best moments are the ones that combine all three elements – from meeting Eric Northman to Tara's entrance in Season Five. Here's to the best of True Blood

By Erica Futterman and Sarene Leeds

Tara turning into a vampire (season 5 premiere)

John P. Johnson/HBO

Tara Turns (Season 5, Episode 1)

To say Sookie's best friend had it pretty rough is an understatement: alcoholic mom tried to exorcise her, crazy overbearing vampire boyfriend tried to make her his bride, one true love was killed after a vengeful maenad took over the town . . . the list goes on and on. So when season four started, Tara was adament about starting anew – a plan that, naturally, went awry when she came back to Bon Temps against her better judgement and got swept up in Marnie's coven. But it was shewolf Debbie Pelt who would ultimately give Tara her biggest hardship to date: the mortal wound that caused Sookie and Lafayette to make the decision to turn Tara immortal. At the beginning of Season Five, Tara was not only turned into very thing she hates most in the world, but she's now directly related to the one vampire she hates most – Eric, by way of her maker and his progeny, Pam. To see how Tara channels her sarcastic, fiercely loyal nature into being a vampire will be one of Season Five's best rides.

true blood moments

John P. Johnson

Russell Stakes Roman (Season 5, Episode 6)

Guardian Roman Zimojic's True Death was a major turning point for Season Five because it ushered in the Sanguinistas' Authority coup and a new, bloodthirstier vampire era. It also marked the welcome return of Russell Edgington as True Blood's most deliciously diabolical vampire, who fiercely called bullshit on Roman's stringent mainstreaming regime ("Peace is for pussies!"). But Roman's death was the most shocking because it came so soon after much-anticipated cast addition Christopher Meloni made his first appearance as a series regular. His story arc wound up lasting only a total of five episodes, proving once again that no character, however powerful, is safe on True Blood.

true blood moments

John P. Johnson

The Vampires Drink Lilith’s Blood (Season 5, Episode 7)

With mainstreamers no longer standing in their way, Sanguinist Authority chancellors Nora and Salomé implore the remaining vampires under their jurisdiction to sample the blood of Lilith in a pseudo-religious service. What follows is a bizarre acid trip through New Orleans' Bourbon Street that culminates in a naked Lilith manifesting herself as the vamps devour a bunch of karaoke-ing engagement-party attendees. While the vampire goddess compels Bill, Nora, Salomé, Kibwe, Steve, Russell, Rosalyn and Nigel to continue draining the bodies, Eric is visited by another spirit: his maker Godric. Godric positions his progeny as the potential savior of civilization by beseeching him not to succumb to Lilith's commands.

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